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can we immunise the baby only by homeopathy and is it believable?

Posted by: Nagasundram on 2012-01-22 21:54:00


As per homeopathy, micro-organisms are not the primary cause for disease but rather as opportunist invaders to an already weakened body. Hence, the first priority for maintaining health is always to strengthen and balance the body as much as possible. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) says that \"the best vaccine against common infectious diseases is an adequate diet\". Adequate, balanced nutrition and a healthy psychological environment together with constitutional homeopathic treatment in case it is necessary, are the most important steps to take in order to avoid complications of childhood diseases. In one rare study of homeopathic prophylaxis the result was 89% success in prevention of childhood diseases (Golden, p. 142). This is similar to the success rate of conventional vaccines, which is estimated at 75%-95%. Further research in this field is necessary.
Answer by: drbiswal on 2012-04-05 10:18:15
no because homeopathy has some limitation
Answer by: drbhavikpurohit on 2012-03-01 22:41:31
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