Similibis.com is an international educational website of Homoeopathy for students, teachers and practitioners of homoeopathy. With the largest number of unique contents and services, millions of users around the world do surfing everyday. Similibis.com renders free professional knowledge and services for the homoeopathic medical faculty on no profit no loss basis. Every day Similibis.com shares it's brain with the community of Homoeopathic medical world and is expected to serve millions of medical pages in the upcoming years.

Similibis.com is started by a young dynamic Indian Homeopathic Physician Dr. K. C. Biswal, MD(Hom.) Medicine. The mission is to uplift 'Homoeopathic Health Services, Education , Awareness, Research, Clinical application and Health for all through homoeopathy (SEARCH).


It is an international project for the Homoeopathic medical faculty in which people from across the globe are participating & supporting for wide acceptance of this new method of therapeutics. The users can also join the Similibis Team and suggest changes, new content and services with our team. The basic idea is that more the number of people will contribute for its development, more will be the benefit that every user will get.


If you are a passionate homoeopathic doctor or homoeopathic student and you want homeopathy should reach every corner of the world, we invite you to join with us. Be a part of the Similibis by contributing your cases, articles and ideas to Similibis.com. Use Similibis.com to share your knowledge and experience with the world. Time has come to take homoeopathy to the common man and YOUR contribution is necessary to fulfill that dream. To share your ideas,` comments, information, articles, cases, reviews or anything else, just write to us at info@similibis.com.
Note: The e-mail address is not linked. This has been done intentionally to avoid spam. Please copy and paste the e-mail address and send us an e-mail.


Q. Is Similibis an 'Organization' ?

Ans. Similibis is not an organization but it is an international cyber project so to say an educational website which works for the betterment of homoeopathic medical education and research.

Q. Is it a non-commercial / non-profitable website ?

Ans. Yes, this project is entirely non-commercial & non-profitable. Dr. K. C. Biswal funded it and we kept the donation route open. To see this website live forever & serve you in a better way kindly make a small donation. If you would like to support Similibis.com, you can make a donation.

Q. Do I get paid for participating in the development of Similibis ?

Ans. Yes, if our control panel think that your contribution is very valuable for Similibis.com, you may be paid for it. Similibis Team members contribute to this project voluntarily. No financial rewards are given to any volunteer team members. We all are working for homoeopathy and the basic motto of Similibis.com is to uplift 'homoeopathic services, education , awareness, research, clinical application and health through homoeopathy'.


1. Getting to work at an international level with some of the best homeopaths in the world.
2. Satisfaction for your contribution towards the development of homoeopathy and recognition.


The ownership of the domain similibis.com and this website lies with Dr. K. C. Biswal of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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